Mémé Bartels - Prints and Patterns-The Blanket

Prints and patterns - The Blanket / Bloedend rood

Bloedend rood consists of a blanket and a booklet. The blanket is comfy and you can completely hide under it. Away from everything. The blanket consists of 28 woven works. They are made of different types of wool and a blend of wool and silk, dyed in madder, a natural dye. If the blanket gets damp, it will give off red. This is called bloedend rood (bleeding red). Mémé Bartels, 2023.

From September 21-24 I will be at Unseen Bookmarket in Amsterdam with a new book: Prints and Patterns, a trilogy.

I am currently working on a new site.  Looking for more information? See my instagram account or mail me: memebartels@xs4all.nl